Sunshine State Games Introduces Scottish Heavy Athletics to Roster of Sports at SSG Beach Games

CLEARWATER BEACH – It was definitely a first in the 38-year history of the Sunshine State Games.

Pitchforks and portions of trees were used as implements in Scottish Heavy Athletics during the 2017 Sunshine State Games (SSG) International Beach Games at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort. The pitchforks were used in the Sheaf Toss to propel a weighted bag over a bar placed 10 feet up and higher. The trees were hoisted by athletes in the Caber Throw, the final event of the competition.

The Scottish Heavy Athletics competition consisted of seven events; Open Stone Put, Heavy Weight for Distance, Light Weight for Distance, Hammer Throw, Caber Toss, Sheaf Toss and Weight for Height. While the majority of the throws used weights, the Sheaf Toss was a burlap bag filled with twine and thrown over a bar with a pitchfork and the Caber Toss was a tree between 16-20 feet long and weighing between 90 and 110 lbs.

The competition was divided into five groups, Amateur A, Amateur B, Master, Novice and the Women’s Division. Contestants were scored for each event and earned points by their finish within the division. Winning five of the seven events within the Masters Group with six entries, Kevin Dupuis, of Palm Harbor, earned the gold medal with an overall score of 10. His score was 12 points lower than the second place finisher. He had the overall best Open Stone throw of 37-10, Heavy Weight for Distance throw with a 40-10 and a Hammer Throw of 96-10. He also had a Caber Toss score of 10.0.

Of the four women competitors, Amy Brush, of Bradenton, had an overall score of eight and had the top performances in four of the seven events. Both Dupuis and Brush competed in the Scottish Heavy Athletics Masters World Championships in Iceland in June.

On the final day of the 2017 Beach Tennis World Cup, 32 Mixed Open Doubles teams were in action on all eight courts. Winning the second gold doubles medals in as many days, the team of Lady Carrera and Matteo Godio defeated Marie per Huet and Fernando Guevara, 7-5, in the championship match. Carrera and Godio won women’s and men’s open doubles gold medals on Saturday. Godio and Carrera denied Godio and Huet the opportunity to repeat as champions in the Mixed Doubles Open Division as the pair won the 2016 title.

The 2017 Beach Tennis World Cup Tournament was the largest tournament held at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort since it began hosting Beach Tennis events four years ago, according to sports director Steve Culver.

“Players have the opportunity to earn international ranking points at World Cup Tournaments,” said Culver. “That’s why some of the top ranked players in the world were here competing this weekend.”

The 2017 SSG International Beach Games featured nearly 400 athletes competing in six sports at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort on the sands of Clearwater Beach. The Third Annual SSG Beach Games are among over 30 sports presented annually by the Florida Sports Foundation, the state’s lead sports promotion and development organization. The 2017 SSG Beach Games were presented in conjunction with St. Petersburg Sports & Events and the Sheraton Sand Key Resort.

The Sunshine State Games Calendar of Events continues during the month of October with Sport Shooting events at various locations throughout the state and continuing into November. The Sunshine State Games Lacrosse – Fall Classic will be played November 4-5 in Vero Beach. For more information about the SSG Beach Games and the Sunshine State Games visit